『ARUN K. SHARMA Japan Exhibition』
2004.12.13mon〜199sun 5F gallery

Is Purity Possible?

Having studied and been affected by many religions and philosophies, I often think about the goals that each one has. In doing so I often times find myself quite perplexed about different idealogical structures. What is religion and philosophy trying to do? Is it trying to make us closer to God, or ourselves? Is it trying to allow us to accept our reality, or get outside of our synthetic environment? Does it make the mind responsible for itself or tell the mind to be free of itself? Does it give us answers or make us ask more questions? I see and have experiences with so many people who struggle with these and other questions. They are drawn to explanations of the world and our purpose in books written anywhere from thousands of years ago to today. They spend hundreds of thousands of hours meditating to look inside themselves, they go on pilgramages, etc, etc. These pieces tell a little bit about how I see people who turn to religion or philosophy to get answers. People who look at religion to be closer to God, gain insight into the world, or be at peace with the world/themselves are in a sense I think trying to go back to a pure state of mind. A state of mind that reminds me of being an innocent infant. A time of little experience, dependence on sensation/feeling rather than intellect. A time that we know we once had but have since forgotten.

Arun Sharma




Arun Sharma
Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku Mibu-Goshonouchi-chu 20-2
Kouposhijo 3C 604-8872
Telephone # 090-6676-5191
E-mail: fluxash@hotmail.com

March 2004〜 Studio Manager, Okiraku Studio, Kyoto, Japan
December 2002〜February 2004 Studio Artist Space, Kei Studios, Kadomashi, Osaka, Japan
                  Forming two bodies of sculptural work
October 2001〜August 2002 Sculpture and Pottery Teacher, Chamberユs Street Pottery, New York, NY
June 2001〜August 2002 Studio Assistant, 53rd Street YWCA, New York, NY
              Managing the organization and upkeep of the studio
June〜August 2001 Ceramic Specialist, 92nd Street Y, New York, NY
September 2000〜May 2001 Slide Librarian Assistant, Visual Resources: Scholes Library, Alfred, NY
September〜December 2000 Gallery Assistant, Fosdick Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY
July〜August 2000 Foundry Worker, Franklin Mint, Philadelphia, PA
October 1999〜June 2000 Production Potter and Studio Assistant, Purcellユs Cove Pottery, Sally Ravindra, Halifax, Nova Scotia
May〜August 1999 Studio Assistant Gilmor Glassworks, Millerton, NY
June〜August 1999 Studio Assistant, Paul Chaleff: Ceramic Artist, Ankrum, NY
June〜August 1999 Clerk, Aperture Fine Photography and Bookstore, Millerton, NY
September 1996〜May 1999 Assistant, Clay Store, Alfred University, Alfred, NY
July〜November 1994 Apprentice, Ginger Nelson: Studio Potter, Webatuck Craft Village, Wingdale, NY
2003 Studies, sculpture and pottery. Kei Studio, Kadomashi, Osaka, Japan
2001 Impulse, mixed media installation. Holmes Auditorium, Alfred, NY
    Celebratory Cycles, mixed media instillation. Snodgrass Room, Alfred, NY
    Star Maps, one-person exhibition. Scholes Library, Alfred, NY
    Art Interchange, group exhibition. Buffalo University, Buffalo, NY
2000 Past Harlem, performance with one vocalist, Knight Club, Alfred, NY
    Cells & Serum, mixed media instillation. Sculpture & Light Annex, Alfred, NY
1999 Summer Show, group exhibition. Fosdick Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY
    Time, Space and Rhythm, mixed media joint collaboration with professor Andrew Deutsch. Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY
    Technostance, mixed media instillation. Holmes Auditorium, Alfred, NY
    How do I Look?, group exhibition. Town Hall, Alfred, NY
    Junior Show, group exhibition, Fosdick Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY
1998 Pottery Collection, group exhibition. Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY
    Summer Show, group exhibition, Fosdick Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY
    Ceramic Sculpture Collection, group exhibition. Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred
1997 Annual Freshman Foundation Show, group exhibition, Alfred University, NY

Related Skills: Ceramic Processes:
Throwing, hand-building, mold making, bisque firing, glaze calculations and formulating of raw materials. Knowledge of high firing oxidation, reduction, soda, salt, wood, raku, and have done extensive research in smoke fire/ low fire methods.

Metal Fabrication & Foundry:
Arc and MIG welding, oxy-acetylene cutting, horizontal band saw, standing grinders, drill press and hand tools. Experience in resin bonded sand casting of bronze and aluminum.

Video and Sound:
Understanding and experience of basic computer skills. Have worked with VHS, Hi 8, and Video 8 cameras; linear editing special effects generator (S.E.G.), MX1 Mixer. Knowledge of digital recording, Midi-verb, Sound Edit 16, PhotoShop, and Adaptec Toast CD burning system.